Advent Locker

It's all over!

The last locker has been claimed, and Advent Locker is done for 2012. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Dan and Tom

Hello! We're Dan and Tom, and we have a challenge for you.

Every day December 1st–24th, we'll announce a code to get into an Amazon Locker in London. First one there wins whatever's inside.

It might be something simple like a Christmas decoration, a trinket, or some chocolate. But sometimes, it'll be something big: a toy, good books… or maybe even an iPod.

Want to play? Follow @adventlocker on Twitter so you know when the code is announced — and if someone gets there before you!

One thing we ask: if you win something, tell us about it and send us pictures!

Stay safe, have fun, and a merry Christmas to all.

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Made with love by Dan (@iamdanw) and Tom (@tomscott). Not associated with Amazon, they're just delivering things.

Background image by Brenda Clarke and licensed under Creative Commons Attibution 2.0.